Pupil Wellbeing

For over 20 years, SAS have pushed the boundaries within the staff absence insurance industry. We bring innovation to wellbeing services, offering support that maintains our ethos to prevent and reduce absence. In 2019, SAS introduced pupil wellbeing services in an effort to support whole school wellbeing.

Our new services aim to help schools implement a new pupil wellbeing culture within schools with traceable results in an effort to help schools meet Ofsted’s new framework from September 2019.

Designed with the intent to meet the new Ofsted criteria, and to help support schools in making the most positive impact possible on the wellbeing of pupils.

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Be A Champion

Encourage pupils to make lifestyle improvements

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Innovative speech and language therapy service

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Build personalised apps to support SEND pupils

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Pupil Yoga

Reduce anxiety and instill healthy habits

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Pupil Counselling

Flexible appointments pairing therapist with child

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Pupil Mindfulness

Coming Soon

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