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School Wellbeing Award

School Mental Health Award

Leeds Beckett University Carnegie School of Education in Partnership with SAS

Improve resilience, emotional intelligence, mental health and wellbeing for all members of your school community.
This award takes a community approach to mental health providing a framework to evidence policies and initiatives that work towards improving mental health and wellbeing for both staff and pupils within the wider school community.

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2020 statistics from schools that attained the award shows that: 

83% of schools agreed that the award led to improved pupil wellbeing.

87% of schools agreed that the award led to improvements in pupils’ knowledge of mental health

92% of schools agreed that the award created a more positive school culture for pupils.

94% of schools agreed that the award let to improvements in staff knowledge of mental health.

94% of schools agreed that the award improved the mental health leadership of the school. Staff morale improved in 81% of schools.

88% of schools agreed staff wellbeing improved.

The award takes a whole school approach to mental health and covers eight key competencies including organisational structure and culture, support for staff and pupils and working with parents and carers.

The award process allows schools to make mental health and wellbeing a guided strategic priority for school development. The school will develop an implementation plan and guide the school community through a process of building the skills and knowledge needed to bring about whole school improvements in mental health and wellbeing.
Your school will work with an allocated coach to create a personalised action plan for your school. Together, you will develop a portfolio of evidence for your school set against the competencies of the framework. Once submitted, your evidence will be verified against the three levels : bronze, silver and gold.
As well as being recognised as a thought leader in School Mental Health and Wellbeing you will have the opportunity to showcase your practice with other schools, engaging in research and support the building of a professional community. Your school will also receive a self-assessment diagnostic.


• Creates a culture of an awareness of mental health, tolerance and acceptance. Helping to reduce behavioural problems and promotes positive mental health strategies.
• Improves community wellbeing for all.
• An opportunity for the school to identify its own priorities and areas for development using the framework.
• Addresses the needs of all mental health needs of your community including pupils and staff.
• Increases staff retention rates meaning continuity of care and helps attract high calibre staff.
• Demonstrates a commitment to adhere to and exceed professional and government guidance.
• Allows specific professional development opportunities for all levels of staff whether house based or as part of a whole school team.

Contact your SAS account manager to access this programme.