Mindful Movements

SAS Mindfulness & Wellbeing Consultant June and Personal Trainer have joined forces to bring a new instructional video on mindful movements, a great way to keep physically active while utilising relaxation and stretching  techniques

Exercise and Mindfulness don’t need to be separate entities. Far from it, staying active is synonymous with an improved mental state….we release endorphins when we exercise and also it keeps us present and in the moment!!

Movements of exercise that can strengthen mindfulness in our everyday movements. These exercises can be done individually in groups.
• Each movement is done for four repetitions before proceeding to the next. “Body movements should be flowing and graceful and not too rapid.”
• All exercises begin from a standing position with arms hanging loosely at our sides.
• What makes these exercises unique from basic stretching exercises is that we control our breathing during the exercises. On the in-breath we assume a particular position and on the out-breath we return to the starting position.