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Ask a Nurse

Here are some of the commonly asked questions answered by our in-house nursing team.
Need help? If we can’t answer your question below,
call us on 01773 814 403.

We are all unique individuals; stress means different things to different people and everyone feels stress in a different way. There are common themes such as being loud and snappy, or withdrawn and very quiet. The important thing to notice is a change in anyone’s behaviour. Stress is different to feeling pressured, often people misuse the word stress.
If someone tells you, they are stressed it is important that you do not ignore it. Be observant and ask people if they are ok, perhaps go somewhere private so they feel comfortable to answer honestly. Be open, ask if they need support and if they do ask how they see the support happening – e.g. ask how can I help you?
First of all, stop. Look at why you are feeling stressed – if it is workload, look at what you need to do and prioritise. Break things down into smaller achievable tasks and sometimes doing the ‘worst’ one first makes everything seem easier. Ask for help and support or ask others how they manage their workload. Make sure you are looking after yourself particularly eating well, getting some exercise and adequate sleep.
We can point you in the right direction depending upon which type of cancer you have. A good starting point is MacMillan, Marie Curie, Maggies & NHS choices. Call our in house nurses on 01773 814404 and they will be able to support you further.
It may do, or we may be able to support you in other ways, dependent upon your GP / Consultants advice, call our in house nurses on 01773 814404.
We work in partnership with Slimming World to offer access to their plan, if you don’t meet the criteria or it’s not the right time for you we can point you in the direction of other support networks which may be beneficial.
Yes, our in house Registered Nurses have attended menopause courses specifically for nurses. We are able to send you the latest guidelines regarding this or are happy to talk to you to discuss your concerns. Call us on 01773 814404 to discuss further.
This service is carried out by NMC Registered Nurses who have a wealth of nursing experience and have been supporting our clients for over 10 years. Our Health check is designed to identify any areas of risk which you may face in the future. You can access BP, Cholesterol, BMI, urinalysis and discuss concerns with a qualified nurse in your 15 min confidential appointment.
We have a team of highly qualified consultants with a wide variety of experience and knowledge. This means we are able to tailor sessions according to a schools individual requirements and can include the difference between stress and pressure, identifying stress in yourself and others, techniques to address stress, creating a culture where colleagues are comfortable discussing how they are feeling and asking for/offering support to each other, and incorporating mindfulness techniques within a relaxation session.
Our phone lines are open 08.30-16.30hrs Mon – Fri excluding bank hols. You can request services via our app, which will be actioned the next working day. However, the majority of our physio & therapy sessions are arranged outside of the usual working day.
Our in house nurses are available to discuss your individual needs, call us on 01773 814404 to discuss.
Our in house NMC Registered Nurses are available to discuss your health concerns, please call us on 01773 814404 to discuss.
Yes, this will depend upon which type of diabetes you have been diagnosed with. Predominately in adulthood it is type 2 diabetes which is diagnosed. Symptoms can be reduced and occasionally reversed by addressing any weight issues, ensuring you are in the healthy weight category for BMI. Looking at your diet, ensuring you are eating a wide range of foods, keeping sugar, fat and salt intake to a minimum. Eating regular meals and not skipping meals, and being active, this can be anything that makes you out of breath including housework, gardening, walking, going up and down stairs. You should also ensure you attend regular check ups regarding your diabetes and paying extra attention to taking care of your eyesight and your feet to prevent complications.
You can access our GP helpline on 0845 4031037 or call and speak with our in house Nurses on 01773 814404.
Please download our app or contact our nursing team via telephone, email or our social pages.
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