Physio Neck FAQs

Neck pain is a very common problem and is rarely due to serious injury. The most common type of neck pain is called non-specific neck pain (also called mechanical neck pain) and does not always have an obvious cause.
It is usually caused by a combination of factors, such as joint stiffness, weakness of the muscles and sitting in the same position for too long. Other factors such as stress, worries about pain or lack of regular exercise can also be related to neck pain.
Because it causes what physiotherapist term as “mechanical pain”. In simple terms sitting, especially if sat in a prolonged or unsupported posture greatly increases the stretch and loading of the soft tissues of the neck (the discs and ligaments). This sustained stretch can eventually lead to pain. • For example – if you bend your finger back and hold it, on stretch, eventually it will hurt! • Letting go of the finger will ease the pain. • Sitting has the same effect and regularly taking a break by standing up or moving the head will help it stop!
• Regular breaks from prolonged or poor sitting position • A work place/ergonomic assessment • Simple Neck exercises • Advice from a physiotherapist