Yoga During Exam Time

SAS pupil Yoga Providers the Teen Yoga Foundation have kindly shared a resource about how yoga can support pupils during exam times. You can read more about this month’s theme by clicking here.

The Teen Yoga Foundation also have an event coming up on the Pros & Cons Of Online Teaching & How To Make The Most Of It With Teens, which is free to access and will be on 26 May at 9:30am. Please click here to book your space. 


The practice we are providing for this month offers a way to to create a calm, steady mind and body, particularly as we come into exam season.

Finding stability and ease in our yoga practice can help us calm both our minds and body, on and off the mat.  This practice focuses on Sthira and Sukha.  You might want to take your class outside for this practice so that not only will your students find stability and ease but they can do so while also connecting with nature.

You can download the whole sequence here:01 05_01 Yoga for Exam Time PRACTICES FOR CREATING STABILITY AND EASE

You could use some of the sequence or the entire sequence.

And we also have a short blog on active listening:


We are probably all familiar with active listening – listening for the full meaning of a message, responding to emotions, and noticing nonverbal communications.  Given all the listening we do, you think we’d be good at it but we’re not particularly good at it.  Research suggests that we only remember between 25% and 50% of what we hear.  With active listening, we become better listeners, better communicators, develop more meaningful relationships, and build empathy.

We thought it might be helpful to share some active listening techniques.  Your teens might find this information useful, too.  They themselves might be going through some stressful things so would appreciate your active listening but they might also want to support their friends who are experiencing the same.  Active listening is a great starting point!

Here are some active listening techniques: https://teenyogafoundation.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/05/01-05_04-Yoga-for-Exam-Time-ACTIVE-LISTENING.pdf

You can learn more about the Teen Yoga Foundation by clicking here.