World Wellbeing Week

This week is World Wellbeing Week and if the last year has taught us anything, its how vital it is to be proactive about wellbeing. In the last year, we have seen thousands more school staff around the country reach out for not only services such as counselling, physiotherapy and nurse support to name a few, but also proactive services such as mindfulness and fitness and nutrition support. The last year has put our lives and what is important into perspective

Last year, SAS added 13 new proactive wellbeing support services to our whole school wellbeing support, included as standard with our staff absence insurance policies. SAS are invested in striving to prevent and reduce absences by identifying root causes and establishing a wellbeing service to support that need.  The pandemic has affected everyone in different ways, some found time and positivity, whereas others felt isolated and stressed. To mark world wellbeing week, we are sharing some of our resources with everyone, designed to help individuals bolster their mental and physical health.

The Relaxation Room Podcast – Library of over 30 recordings including mindfulness, meditation, visualisation and hypnosis to support relaxation and promote overall better mental health. Guided by SAS Mindfulness & Wellbeing Consultant June, the podcasts have a variety of themes and have been incredibly popular since launching last summer.

Click here to listen to the Relaxation Room, or search any major podcast provider for SAS – The Relaxation Room

SAS Gym App & Fitness Support – Range of step by step instructional exercise programmes developed by SAS Personal Trainers Ed & Valusska to suit a range of abilities. Links to health apps and wearables to record progress towards fitness goals.  New workouts are regularly added to ensure users have the ability to challenge themselves with new routines.

Click here to download, or search the apple or google play app stores for SAS Gym

Our Personal Trainers have also shared other resources to help you on your fitness journey

Click here to see the SAS Workout Do’s and Don’ts

Click here to Access the Post-Partum Exercise Support

Pupil Wellbeing Worksheets & Challenges – SAS have a range of wellbeing themed worksheets and challenges available to help children of all ages learn more about wellbeing and are an ideal resource to start a conversation with pupils about how to look after their mental and physical health.

Click here to see the pupil wellbeing learning resources available

The most important thing for everyone to do this World Wellbeing Week is to take some time for themselves and work to acknowledge any needs you may have as well as acknowledge what you can do to support those around you. Those working at schools insured by SAS are reminded that there are a range of wellbeing resources available for all staff. Contact SAS to learn more about the services available to you on 01773 814 403.