World Menopause Day Offer

Did you know that in the UK, the average age for a woman to reach the menopause is 51? Many years ago, our wellbeing team found that an increasing number of the calls they received were questions related to menopause and its symptoms.

Our Head of Nursing, Mandy Dowsing, has attended a recognised course for nurses
covering the issues associated with menopause and all of our in-house qualified
nurses are trained to provide support for these queries. For most of the last decade, SAS have worked in partnership with Simply Hormones, to deliver knowledge and support to our clients.

To mark World Menopause Day this year, we would like to share a special offer to help staff at SAS schools who may be experiencing symptoms of menopause and are looking for answers.

Founder of Simply Hormones, Kathryn Colas, has used her unique perspective to write a manual to help women get through menopause. She tells all about her ten years of hell, near suicide and how she overcame her difficulties, so you can circumvent complications and misdiagnoses commonly experienced by women.

‘How to Survive Menopause without Losing your Mind’, written by Kathryn and includes the following:

  • Do you suspect you are going through menopause?
  • Are you experiencing unusual and unexplainable mood swings and symptoms that affect your entire life?
  • Do you recognise these symptoms in someone you know and love?
  • What do you do when your personal relationship is breaking down?
  • What do you do when symptoms affect your work performance?
  • Does your doctor sympathise and know how to help you?

This ‘must-read’ book is for all women. Have it at your fingertips to help you understand your symptoms and emotions and give you the tools to thrive and receive the support you deserve.

We have access to an exclusive voucher code to purchase the book for £10 + P&P (Regular RRP £15)

Click here to order Surviving the Menopause and use code SASBOOK10 (The code will expire on 30th November. The code can not be used in conjunction with any other offer.)

For some ladies, menopause is a life changing event affecting them on a personal level and in the workplace. Work in itself can be stressful without the negative impact hormonal imbalances may have. Together, we assist women through this time.

“The symptoms ladies often present to us here in the nursing team are hot sweats, anxiety and lack of sleep. Together these make our personal and working life not as it should be. We would ask ladies to be aware that this phase of may be approaching and to arm themselves with as much information as they can and ensure they still have a good quality of life. The SAS team of nurses are available to assist with this” –  Mandy Dowsing, SAS Head Nurse

“If only I knew then, what I know now! I lost years of my life to menopause and all because I didn’t understand any of it.” – Kathryn Colas, Simply Hormones