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World Heart Day

Our extensive well-being package at SAS assists people to lead a healthy lifestyle which in turn leads to a healthy heart!

Case Study from a recent SAS Health Screening Day:

During a health screening day at the school, our SAS nurse noticed very high blood pressure and an irregular heartbeat on the schools Admin Assistant. She advised the staff member to either go straight to hospital or try and get an emergency doctor’s appointment. The staff member managed to get a GP appointment for about an hour later. After seeing her, her GP sent her straight to Kings Hospital where she was prescribed
medication and a stent was put on her heart.

If the problem hadn’t been spotted by the SAS nurse, the staff member would have been at a very high risk of a stroke happening at any point.

September 29 is World Heart Day. Further information regarding the heart and circulatory diseases can be found at https://www.bhf.org.uk/informationsupport