Pupils Thrive

NHS approved tool to help children aged 12+ with relaxation, meditation and calm breathing

Group Meditation & Relaxation for the Class Or CBT for Individuals

Thrive has created an NHS approved digital tool which can be used remotely by the individual aged 12+ or could be used as part of a wider classroom relaxation and meditation tool to encourage self care in class. This tool when used for individuals can helps identify risk factors for stress, and then provides a mechanism to eliminate them by changing habits.

What is in the app?
• CBT (Congitive Behavioural Therapy) programme
• Over 100+ hours of content including a range of stress reducing sessions ideal to listen to as part of group meditation
• Games to distract your mind – try our ‘Wise Words’ game (It’s harder than you think!)
• A progress journal tracking your moods, stressors and reminding you of the good days!

Thrive is a powerful prevention tool now recognised by the NHS.

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