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At Schools Advisory Service, our philosophy is to work with your School/Academy to prevent and reduce staff absence. Therefore, all the Well-Being and Medical support we offer to your staff is designed and implemented by our team of experienced in-house SAS Nurses. We aim to keep your staff in the classroom thus ensuring the children at your school / academy get the best possible opportunity to succeed!

All the services we offer have been developed over our 20+ years of experience working in relationship with Schools/Academies and their staff to discover the main causes of staff absence and researching what we can do to help. The bespoke services that form the extensive package that you see today have been tailored specifically over time with the wellbeing of School/Academy staff always in the forefront of our minds.

  • All included services are at no additional cost to the school or staff member.
  • All services are doctor-led and managed by our experienced, in-house Nurse Team.
  • All support delivered is completely confidential – giving your staff peace of mind.
  • Staff can access the services even if their condition is not work-related.
  • At SAS we believe prevention is better than cure. Staff, therefore, do not need to be absent from work to access the services.

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As we deal exclusively in the education sector we offer a range of insurance products and services that have been specifically designed for schools and academies. These are explored fully on this site, but if you have any questions or queries please feel free to contact us to discuss them further, or 01773 814400.

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