NAHT Wellness and Protect

The NAHT’s solution to Whole School Wellbeing

Benefits of the NAHT Wellness and Protect:

  • Paid Wellbeing Days
  • Extra claims benefit payments for member’s absence
  • Payments for member’s travel expenses and supply costs when attending NAHT events
  • Budget protection for staff absence
  • Whole school mental health provision and support
  • Staff counselling and physiotherapy
  • Private medical therapies and surgeries
  • Nurse and GP support

“Everyone knows that on a good day, teaching is one of the most rewarding professions you can choose. For many school leaders, though, the enormous privilege of helping young people learn and grow can be outweighed by the pressure and workload of the profession they’ve chosen. It is the job of professional associations like NAHT to try to make life better for our members. We do this by working at a government level, to influence policy-making for the better, but we can also offer help of our own. That is where ‘Wellness and Protect’ comes in.” – Paul Whiteman, NAHT General Secretary

Whole school wellbeing is the most important topic within education as we move into the new decade. Ofsted even changed their assessment criteria in September 2019, moving away from academic classroom assessments, to now focusing upon how a school has improved the overall general wellbeing of pupils and staff. But why is this? What has driven Ofsted to change their assessment criteria, and what has ultimately resulted in a solution from the NAHT –

The launch of NAHT Wellness and Protect for their members in 2020?

Over recent years, reduced funding within education has led to stretched budgets, putting most schools in a position where they cannot afford to fully support the wellbeing needs of their school. The Funding Crisis has created a Wellbeing Crisis.

A lack of wellbeing support has, in turn, led to an increase in staff absences. Recent statistics show that the last 2 years have been the worst in over 2 decades. Most noticeably, over that period, has been the rise in stress related symptoms that have impacted education professionals. In fact, a recent survey from Education Support Partnership showed that 72% of staff working in schools described themselves as stressed, and 34% have experienced a mental health issue in the past academic year.

This increase in absenteeism within schools can have serious consequences for the whole school; staff and pupils. It can negatively impact the wellbeing of colleagues which can lead to further absences, have a draining effect on a school’s budget, and eventually lead to disruption to a child’s education.

The NAHT are therefore delighted to announce, brand new for 2020, a solution to the wellbeing issue within education, with the launch of NAHT Wellness and Protect:

NAHT Wellness and Protect is a package designed to support your school financially when absences occur, whilst continually providing wellbeing support for staff and pupils. Through the wellbeing support, the aim is to tackle the root cause of physical and mental health issues, helping your school prevent and reduce absences, and ultimately embed a wellbeing culture within your school. From counselling, to physiotherapy, to GP support, to private medical therapies and surgeries, the scope of the staff wellbeing is vast. And alongside staff, pupils are also supported. All pupil wellbeing is delivered in line with the new Ofsted assessment criteria, aiming to help your school introduce a new wellbeing culture or enhance existing wellbeing activities.

We know budgets are restrictive. Therefore, NAHT Wellness and Protect strives to protect your school budget with the best value, affordable absence cover available. The package ensures absenteeism is supported, your whole school is given the highest level of wellbeing available, whilst providing additional benefits for being an NAHT member school.

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