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Fitter Future Led by Kul Mahay

Friday May 22 at 4pm
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Wednesday 27th May at 11am 

Webinar Topic: Inclusive Education: Supporting LGBT+ Students 

Keynote Speaker: Adam McCann

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Wednesday 3rd June at 11am 

Webinar Topic: The Good Sleep Clinic: How to Improve Your Family’s Sleep

Keynote Speaker: Dr Maja Schaedel (Clinical Psychologist) & Dr Zoe Schaedel (GP)

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Wednesday 10th June at 11am 

Webinar Topic: Supporting Staffs Mental Health in Schools 

Keynote Speaker: Anni Pool 

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THURSDAY 18th June at 11am 

Webinar Topic: Emotionally Regulating Our Students 

Keynote Speaker: Dr Karen Treisman (Highly Specialist Clinical Psychologist) 

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Wednesday 24th June at 11am 

Webinar Topic: Using Therapeutic Strategies to Manage Behaviour That Challenges Us

Keynote Speaker: Clare Edmundson

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Thursday 2nd July at 11am 

Webinar Topic: Understanding Loss

Keynote Speaker: Mike Armiger

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Wednesday 8th July at 11am

Webinar Topic: Understanding Attachment in Educational Settings 

Keynote Speaker: Dr Sarah-Jane Knight

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Wednesday 15th July at 11am

Webinar Topic: Implementing Therapeutic Strategies within Educational Settings

Keynote Speaker: Mary Meredith

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The Bupa UK Foundation and the Carnegie Centre of Excellence for Mental Health in Schools are delighted to launch a new seminar series for School Leaders, Senior Mental Health and Pastoral Leads which focuses on the mental wellbeing of staff, pupils and the wider community as schools re-open.

The Seminar Series will feature pre-recorded bite-sized seminars, action planning templates, resources and FAQs with a focus on:

Staff mental health

  • Supporting staff to feel ready to ‘return’ – This seminar explores the important questions to ask staff, coaching tips for conversations about how people are feeling and how best to communicate with your team.  It will also share resources your staff can use to help support students
  • Responding to staff needs – This seminar looks at the different ways you can respond to your staff’s needs as this transition period continues and gives a three-step action plan for your longer term support strategy.
  • Adjusting to a changed school/college – This seminar explores what a leader can do to support staff with change. It’s based on psychological theory of change and has clear take-aways you can implement and share with your SLT.

Pupil mental health

  • Preparing to welcome students back – This seminar explores the core purpose and main activities of the school and college following the lockdown and how these might change with an ongoing pandemic which is likely to last for several months. The webinar covers evidence-informed strategies which can adapted to help reduce further harm, assist with recovery and promote safeguarding across the whole school community.
  • Welcoming the students back… the first few weeks – This seminar explores the choices faced by schools and colleges for their the first few weeks when pupils start to return. It looks at some of the practical but highly effective strategies schools and colleges can use to support pupils as they reintegrate into school and college life.
  • Supporting vulnerable pupils and those in transition – This seminar draws on emerging evidence that will help school leaders develop strategies to support a potentially growing number of vulnerable students. It also explores some of the more prevalent mental health needs and the disruption to transition caused by the crisis.

If you are a School Leader / School Mental Health Lead / Pastoral Leader please register here using your school email address and sending your name, organisation name and local authority.

We look forward to welcoming you to our seminar series.

On behalf of Bupa UK Foundation and the Carnegie Centre of Excellence for Mental Health in Schools


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