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Voices of Wellbeing

Voices of Wellbeing

Mental health and wellbeing consultancy and advisory for education and corporate business.

Nina and Kelly are both award winning motivational speakers, school improvement advisors, published authors and founders of ‘Voices of Wellbeing’. They have over 48 years of experience between them as educational practitioners, leaders, therapists and inspirational trainers. ‘Voices of Wellbeing’ have been recognised as change makers within the world of mental health and wellbeing as they place the needs all of human beings at the core of what they do. Their impact in education and the corporate sector has created an overwhelming positive outcome for people, communities and cultures. ‘Voices of Wellbeing’ are creators of ’The Six Circles for Wellbeing’ training programme for mental health and wellbeing. #YourVoiceMatters is the foundation of their work and you can connect with Nina and Kelly on @VoicesofWB or send an email on voicesofwellbeing@gmail.com


The Voices of Wellbeing Nina & Kelly.

Nina Jackson

Education is a world of very special people, but you will meet few as extra special as Nina ‘Ninja’ Jackson. Her work in the area of mental health and well-being has had an overwhelming impact on children, teachers and parents alike. She has rescued many who were on the brink of despair and given teachers the motivation to carry on when they nearly walked away from their careers.

When you hear her own personal story and all the amazing strategies she has employed to overcome the very worst experiences in life, you’ll then understand how she has managed to help so many people and why she is known as ‘The Ninja, who moves in mysterious ways’. With a background in mainstream and special needs education and many years’ experience in schools as a pedagogical and pastoral champion, Nina has a breath-taking grasp of what makes classrooms – and all the people in them – tick.

She is a highly creative educator and, whilst her first book explored her research on how music can improve learning and motivation in all classrooms, her latest best-selling book, Of Teaching, Learning and Sherbet Lemons: A Compendium of Careful Advice for Teachers, is helping put the ‘fizz’ back into classrooms for thousands of teachers.

For Nina, it’s all about the sherbet lemons. Classrooms need to have the ‘hard stuff’ in place – rigour, systems, expectations and a professionally inclusive approach to the achievement of all children. But there also needs to be the ‘fizz’ – the magic, the excitement, the emotional engagement, the sense of wonder, the passion for teaching and learning, that special energy that Nina personifies when you hear her speak.

What’s more, as an Apple Teacher and Book Creator Ambassador she works globally to help teachers embrace learning technologies in a way that actually makes a difference. Sharing simple strategies and accessible hardware and software, Nina shows how simple it is to build technology into great lessons to bring the best out of all children, including those who might otherwise have trouble accessing the curriculum fully.

Yet it is her work as an international emotional health and well-being ‘ambassador’ for which she is currently most in demand. With ongoing rise of high-stakes testing and market-driven education, the impact of these so-called school improvement approaches are taking their toll on young people and adults alike. Speaking with compassion and drawing on experience and expertise drawn from across the UK as well as from her time in challenging classrooms as far apart as as Chile, Ghana and China, Nina shows schools a way forward to ensure everyone can actually thrive in this toxic climate.

Whether it’s receiving standing ovations from audiences of school leaders, running whole-school INSET days and twilights or working directly with children in their classrooms, Nina brings warmth, humanity, honesty, humour and fun to every environment, making a truly lasting impression wherever she goes.

For a speaker who moves in mysterious ways, you know where to look.

See Nina’s Author Page on Amazon 

Videos of Nina in action. 

  1. A conversation about teacher well-being and healthy schools with Nina Jackson and Kelly Hannaghan.
  2. SSAT Main Stage Keynote Speaker – December 2019
  3. A conversation about going back to school with a focus on SEND and well-being with Nina Jackon and SEND specialist Lorraine Petersen.
  4. Managing Anxiety during isolation – Preview Video for Veema Education
  5. Pastoral Support for pupils through teacher online support – Preview Video for Veema Education
  6. Back to School Tips & Strategies for Global Educators
  7. Prioritising wellbeing in school – for Veema Education

Testimonials about Nina:

“Absolutely honoured to listen to Nina Jackson talk about her mental health this afternoon. She brought us smiles and tears, what an inspiration”

“Phenomenal words from Nina Jackson at the Conference today. Mental health matters, Check-In, Check-Out and never forget unconditional positive regards for students. Nina – you blew me away.” 

“You are inspirational – staff were in awe of the power of your message’

“The most powerful, emotional, thought provoking and inspirational talk I have ever had the privilege to see…definitely got me thinking about myself and the patients we nurse…thank you Nina”

Kelly Hannaghan

Upon meeting Kelly there is no mistaking what she is passionate about, she is a bundle of energy, dedicated to the wellbeing of whole school communities.

Her philosophy enables staff, pupils and families to speak honestly and openly about their wellbeing experiences.

Kelly’s story of why wellbeing matters to her, is one of growing up with adverse childhood experiences.  It is her belief that the traumatic events in her life were a gift, to aid her to help others.  She shares her life changing journey of the power of resilience and celebrating difference.

Kelly is a Mental Health and Wellbeing Consultant and has spent her professional career passionately focussing on enhancing the opportunities and life chances of people in education.  Through the power of her mental health training and therapeutic relationship skills, she has successfully led a school on the Wellbeing Award for Schools process, resulting in the school being the first nationally to achieve this.  Kelly is an active speaker, blogger and writer of wellbeing in education and is passionate about creating the conditions under which teachers, pupils and families flourish.  Her approaches in leading school development processes have created outstanding outcomes and awards.

She is the founder of the ‘Family Matters’, empowerment program that supports family health and wellbeing, positive relationships healing trauma and positive parenting strategies, this has resulted in outstanding outcomes for family engagement.

Kelly consistently empowers stakeholders through initiatives to build their resilience in learning and workplaces.  Her work has been recognised by the Department for Education, The NCB, The Anna Freud Centre and The Education Support Partnership.  Her collaboration with LGFL, creating the ‘Wellbeing Connected’ digital resource and  receiving a digital excellence award for digital wellbeing for inclusion.  She was also a BETT finalist in 2019 for her collaboration of work with Optimus Education.

There are many messages leaders take away from listening to Kelly deliver keynotes, training and workshops across the UK, she is the driving force for changing the way we look at wellbeing.

Videos of Kelly in action. 

A conversation with Dr Pooky Nightsmith about The Power of Parent Engagement for Pupil Wellbeing

For Flourishings Sake Podcast- Covid19 MHWB Panel – Supporting Older Teens

A conversation about teacher well-being and healthy schools with Nina Jackson and Kelly Hannaghan.

Speaking at the Royal Foundation Mental Health Conference  with the Duchess of Cambridge.

Be Well 2019 Mental Health Conference with LGFL

LGFL Wellbeing Connected Digital Resource

Testimonials about Kelly:

“NCB is proud to have awarded the first Optimus Education Wellbeing Award for Schools to Lessness Heath Primary School which, under the expert guidance of  Kelly Hannaghan.  She has shown the power of loving leadership in the way she cares for all the people around her and for herself. Her approach to the school and its community is inspiring.”

Anna Feuchtwang, Chief Executive for The National Children’s Bureau

“Kelly is a trailblazer for positive, pragmatic approaches to wellbeing in education.  Her whole-school outlook is rich with tools, strategies and practical support for pupils and staff alike.  Kelly’s energy and passion for this work is palpable, and the evidence of her success is clear from what she has achieved at Lessness Heath Primary School.” 

Sinéad Mc Brearty Chief Executive Officer at Education Support

“In my experience Kelly embodies the values around wellbeing and provides a model for turning rhetoric into practice.  Her approach is thought provoking: I always come away from her keynotes with the feeling that the time spent reflecting on myself was time well spent.”

Dr Branwen Bingle, Assistant Dean for Education and Professional Practice at the University College Birmingham

We will be sharing expert skills and strategies within our bespoke service offer that includes online learning modules, interactive training programmes and wellbeing coaching sessions. These will include a variety of frameworks, policies and practices, along with research and resources to build your global wellbeing networks.

Our collaboration of work with SAS will deepen the learning experience and provide high quality toolkits for immediate implementation in schools.

Please see our webinars page for the Circles of Wellbeing video webinars. 

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