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The Student Mindset Academy

Coach and mentor for pupils, teens and students

I have been in education for over 26 years including being a DH and on the advisory team. I am qualified as an NLP Practitioner, Coach and Time Line Therapist and about to complete my masters next month.

After working with children, families and staff I realised that positive mindset, motivation, confidence and communication are areas that are needing a great deal of support, especially at the moment.

I therefore founded The Student Mindset Academy to support young people, families and teachers with strategies and ‘tools in the toolbelt’ to reduce anxiety, alleviate overwhelm, increase confidence and communication through developing a positive mindset and find their motivation. I also help children with their goals, self esteem to reach their full potential.

25% off 1:1 6 week programme and discussion with schools for termly support for up to 10 pupils.

25% off INSET/ staff meeting input – online or in person.

I am really pleased to now be offering a half-term (6 weeks) enhanced online programme for all key stages with workbooks, videos and the option of a staff INSET. Discounts to schools that book through your service.

The 6 modules cover:-

  • Motivation
  • Mindset
  • Confidence
  • Communication
  • Anxiety
  • Overwhelm

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