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The Impact of Kindness

This week is Mental Health Awareness Week

There is no doubt that the arrival of Coronavirus has created huge anxiety and fear across the nation. This has compounded the situation for those suffering already with mental health challenges. However, it is precisely at times like this when all seems dark that the bright light of kindness can pierce the gloom that seems to be best typified in the headlines we read every day. Selective reporting such as only publishing the number of deaths from CV19 rather than the numbers of those who have recovered distorts the whole picture to create a sense of doom.

However, kindness is the antidote to that doom and gloom and there are plenty of examples of kindness everywhere around us and maybe during mental health awareness week, it is time for us to rebalance the doom of the media with the optimism and joy that acts of kindness bring.

Kindness is a double whammy of a concept as it makes us feel good to offer kindness and it feels good when people are kind to us.

My favourite recent example of kindness was the nurse who dropped her car off to be serviced. When she came to pick it up the garage had left a bill on her windscreen. In the space for total cost of the work done. the garage had written “Nurse.” The sense of gratitude from the nurse for the kindness shown is only matched by the feeling of the mechanic who knows that he has helped someone at a tough time and someone who will be sharing that same kindness on a daily basis.

As an act of kindness at this tough time, Schools Advisory Service have decided to share their bank of resources and support with all the staff at client schools, and not just those named on the policy, which has been hugely appreciated. SAS have invested in free counselling, physio and nurse support as well as mental health based NHS apps for all staff at their client schools as a thank you to all those staff that are playing key roles during these challenging and unprecedented times.

Click here to read about SAS Pupil Wellbeing Services

Click here to read more about SAS Staff Wellbeing Services 

We have heard so many stories of acts of kindness during this unpredictable time. For mental health awareness week, we would like to provide a space to share your stories of random acts of kindness you have experienced or witnessed and to provide a reminder that little acts of kindness can go a long way. Let’s flood social media with these positive mental health messages!

We would love to hear from you so tweet out your messages of kindness and don’t forget to post the tweet to @SchoolsAdvisory with the hashtag #kindnessisthekey

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