The 16th National Stress Awareness Day

The 16th National Stress Awareness Day, which is held to celebrate helping people to beat stress will take place today 5th November 2014. This is organised by The International Stress Management Association (ISMA).

Do you know the main reasons for stress at work? ISMA suggests:

Relationship conflicts between colleagues, a build-up of accidents caused by a worker and problems linked with the overall upkeep of the organisation’s image could contribute to elevated stress levels. Depression and issues from work are one of the main causes of stress reported by patients in the doctor’s surgery.

Some people have a routine that helps you get rid of tension. Do you have a routine that helps you get rid of tension? If the answer is yes, great! When we’re happy we’re healthy and that sets us up for a longer, more fulfilled life. If the answer is no, don’t stress over it. The ISMA website can offer suggestions and tips on how to beat stress.

We can assist here at SAS by providing a trained stress awareness consultant to come into your school and provide a hour long session to discuss stress and techniques to combat stress.

Alternatively, individuals can contact our Stress counselling helpline on 01773 814402.

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