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Teacher Empowerment Project

Staff Coaching & Empowerment

In teaching it often feels like a lot of things are out of our control: exam results, Ofsted grades, government policy and much more. Since 2018, The Teacher Empowerment Project has empowered teachers to take their careers in to their own hands to enable them to choose more of the life they wish to live – both professionally and personally. Through face to face events, coaching and workshops, we invite teachers to recognise their worth, their agency and to invest in themselves and their careers.

A teacher who is fulfilled personally and professionally can help create a generation of pupils who expect the same fulfilment from their lives. A happy teacher can have a huge impact on their pupils and their colleagues, likewise, so can an unhappy one. Finding what it is that makes you feel valued, supported, fulfilled, and then acting on this knowledge can bring huge positives to your life.

Kathryn Grice, the founder of The Teacher Empowerment Project, is a former Head of English and Executive Leader who is keenly aware of the pressures that both school leaders and teachers face. Based in Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire the project also operates nationwide. The Empowerment team is made up of fully qualified teachers, ex-teachers, coaches and facilitators.

As well as the privately funded work we do, such as face to face events, workshops and coaching, The Teacher Empowerment Project offers schools:

Next Steps Support

Next Steps support is independent careers advice for teachers who may be:

– taking voluntary redundancy

– facing redundancy

– facing capability procedures

– coming to the end of their contract

– retiring

Some of the above situations can be tough to face, for both teachers and schools. The Teacher Empowerment Project aims to offer career advice and support for those taking or facing their next steps.

We offer independent advice to teachers who are often feeling uncertain of their future. We help to reframe the issues and bring clarity, options and opportunity to situations that can feel overwhelming and uncertain.

Teachers who have engaged with the project often move from feeling fearful to being excited about their new opportunities. Teachers engaging with the project have made changes such as: changing sector, seeking promotions, becoming involved in charity work, and even changing careers. We aim to give teachers the space, time, and support to explore their options. They really are endless.

The Teacher Empowerment Project currently supports teachers facing the above issues on a private basis with individual teachers approaching the project for support. From 2020 we are also offering this support within schools for leaders who wish to offer independent support to colleagues facing the above situations.

Available Nationwide. 15% discount to SAS staff absence insurance customers.

Standard Pricing for Next Steps Workshop – for small group or individuals

Face to face £350 half day (+ travel and expenses).

  • Next Steps individual coaching and advice calls – £200 for three hourly phone or online calls to be arranged with the individual teacher in question.

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