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Wellbeing Training for School Staff

Teachappy believe that happiness and wellbeing should be at the heart of education and we’ve been giving schools the tools to put it there since 2017.​

Happier teachers teach better and happier pupils learn better. It’s simple, really.

Our staff training shares the latest research from the science of wellbeing and shows teachers and school leaders how to weave wellbeing into the curriculum.

Every school is unique which is why our in-school training is tailored to your needs. Our training shares the latest research on what works to improve wellbeing and gives practical strategies for bringing this to life in real classrooms. This training can be delivered remotely too.

Pupil wellbeing​

Happier pupils do better in school, they get on better with their peers and the studies show they tend to be more successful in life. Our training shows teachers how to weave wellbeing into their lessons and throughout the curriculum, with a particular focus on:

Positive relationships


Physical activity

The science of kindness

Growth mindset

Developing optimism

Staff wellbeing​

Your staff are your most valuable asset. If their wellbeing is low, then it directly impacts on pupil wellbeing and the children’s ability to learn. But by investing in staff wellbeing, studies show that it improves job satisfaction, productivity, decreases illness and absence, and boosts pupils’ attainment. Our training covers the following topics:

Introduction to positive psychology

Stress management




Available Nationwide.

10% off published ratecard fees for SAS staff absence insurance customers.

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