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SAS Support Services for School Staff

It is perfectly normal to have anxieties about something that we know very little about but that has affected so much of what we consider to be normal life.

It is also perfectly normal for these anxieties to fluctuate depending upon what announcements come out of government and what is expected of us.

Schools Advisory Service have a range of services to support you through what is a tough time for everyone. We are acutely aware of those of you who are self isolating, shielding or work largely in isolation or who live alone.

If you are struggling with the isolation, we have worked with Leeds Beckett University to put together a range of strategies to help you to overcome those feelings of isolation.

If you would like to speak to someone about how you are feeling as a result of the current pandemic then you can ring us on 01773 814 403

The call will be triaged so that you can receive the appropriate support for you.

We have trained counsellors who will be happy to talk through some of the challenges you are facing and provide support.

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