Suicide Prevention Day

Today is Suicide Prevention Day. SAS Mindfulness and Wellbeing Consultant June has shared the below information in an effort to raise awareness on suicide prevention and to share contact information of organisations which can support people in crisis looking for immediate support.

Suicide is clearly a significant social issue in the United Kingdom. There were 6,524 people who took their own lives in 2019 in the United Kingdom.

Startling statistics show that suicide is the biggest killer of men under the age of 45 in this country. Men are more three times more likely to die by suicide. Women more often than not share there suicidal thoughts with others.

Men aged 45-49 and women aged 50-54 have the highest suicidal rates in England and Wales.

To feel suicidal can be confusing and frightening. They can be of thoughts about no longer wanting to be here and scarily making plans about when and how you do this.

People with suicidal thoughts may feel less like they want to die but that they want the pain to stop.

The common feeling are feelings of hopelessness, desperation, anxiousness, consumed with negative thoughts as well as feelings of alienation from others.

How can you help if someone if you think they may have suicidal thoughts?

Just asking someone the question, ‘Do they feel suicidal’ can really help and it gives them the green light to talk without feeling like a burden. If someone feels suicidal it can be a great relief to open up and tell someone how they are really feeling.

Let them talk…. If someone does tell you they are having such thoughts, encourage them to talk. Listening attentively and responding with open questions is a good way of letting them know they are supported. Offer encouragement. Remember you don’t have to solve their problems.

You may offer practical help like making that call to their GP or even just watching television together or play a game.

There is a limit to the support you can provide. It is important to look after your own mental health so it’s ok to step back if you need to. Help them put a support network of friends and relatives together.

By doing these things you could save someone’s life.


National Suicide Helpline UK

National Suicide Helpline UK offers a supportive listening service to anyone throughout the UK with thoughts of suicide or thoughts of self-harm. They are open 24/7.

Tel: 0800 689 5652

Samaritans UK & Ireland

Samaritans UK & Ireland offers 24-hour emotional support to anyone in distress or at risk of suicide throughout the UK & Ireland. They have 201 branches open 365 days a year, where people can also talk in person.
Tel: 116 123

Connect Counselling

Connect offers a free telephone counselling and support service for any adult who has experienced abuse, trauma or neglect in childhood. Their service is available from 6-10 pm, Wednesday to Sunday.

Tel: 1800 477 477 (Ireland)

Tel: 00800 477 477 77 ( UK and Northern Ireland)

Tel: 00353 (0) 1 865 7495 ( Outside ROI and UK)


Shout 85258 is a free, confidential, 24/7 text messaging support service for anyone who is struggling to cope

Text SHOUT to 85258


Campaign Against Living Miserably Help and support for young men aged 15-35 on issues which include depression and suicide.
Tel: 0800 585858

HopeLine UK

For practical advice on suicide prevention
Tel: 0800 068 4141

Lifeline (N.Ireland)

For anyone in N.Ireland who is in distress or despair. Immediate help on phone 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Face to face counselling can be arranged, also befriending, mentoring. Issues dealt with include suicide prevention, self-harm, abuse, trauma, depression, anxiety.
Tel: 0808 808 8000

Breathing Space

Breathing Space provides emotional support and assistance to people in Scotland who are depressed, in crisis or at risk of suicide. They are operating from 6 pm to 2 am.
Tel: 0800 83 85 87

Premier Lifeline

Helpline providing a listening service, information, emotional and spiritual support from a Christian perspective Helpline providing a listening service, information, emotional and spiritual support from a Christian perspective
Tel: 0300 111 0101