Sudden Cardiac Arrest Digital Toolkit: Learn to Save a Life

The Euros kicked off this weekend with much fanfare and excitement, but the story that send shockwaves through the world was the events of the Denmark v Finland on Saturday.  Christian Eriksen is now in stable condition after suffering what doctors are saying was a cardiac arrest during Denmark’s opening match on Saturday. While shock is the emotion many watching around the world felt, it was the swift actions of Denmark’s captain Simon Kjaer who provided life saving intervention by securing his neck, checking his airway and starting CPR before the medics arrived at his side on the field. It was this quick response from Kjaer and the medics that no doubt saved Christian Eriksen’s life.

The events of this weekend highlighted how quick thinking and knowledge to take effective action can have a massive impact on a persons chances of survival. Statistics show that 100,000 people have a sudden cardiac arrest every year in the UK and only 1 in 10 survive. Bystander CPR trebles chances of survival (source: UK Coaching – see link below)

Looking to expand our own understanding of cardiac arrests and how to respond to similar events, we found a link via UK Coaching for free learning resources on how to identify and approach someone experiencing sudden cardiac arrest. We felt it was important to raise awareness to this training and encourage as many people as possible to take 30 minutes to learn more and be prepared and make sudden cardiac arrest deaths more preventable.

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