Skills to Keep Stress Useful Webinar

SAS are pleased to announce the “Skills To Keep Stress Useful” webinar, hosted by Sue Evans, FAST Pathways Academy.

The webinar will be 11th September 14:00 – 15:00 and you can register for your space by clicking here

Stress is a given.  It can be uncomfortable and disruptive, but not all stress is bad.  It’s a problem when the amount you’re facing exceeds your resources for dealing with it.  Balanced with the resources, those stresses can bring out your very best – the stresses which give you energy instead of draining it away.

So this session explores how to boost those inner resources, to take life’s challenges (professional and personal) more smoothly in your stride.

You’ll learn straightforward ways to

  • Get the best from stress, without spending time and energy trying to manage it
  • Stop nagging worries from keeping you awake at night
  • Make Helium your key to calm
  • Deal more comfortably with challenging individuals and situations

About Sue Evans

Since creating the FAST Pathways Academy, Sue Evans has trained thousands of people in the skills for better mental wellbeing.  Sue’s mission is to save the NHS £1million in avoidable prescriptions and interventions. From an Engineering background, Sue draws on extensive experience of delivering transformational culture change, supporting organisations to put wellbeing at the heart of high performance.