SAS Work Life Week

Starting today, the Work/Life week is an initiative that allows employers to showcase how they provide work life balance for their staff. It’s more important than ever this year as most of us are working from home, therefore disrupting the work/life balance, and creating new problems that staff and employers aren’t used to. In normal circumstances, your home would be a separate place away from the working environment, meaning you could find the work/life balance much easier by keeping the two separate. That isn’t the case now however, as we all know, so it’s important for employers to adapt and come up with solutions to combat the shift in balance.

Since lockdown began, SAS has provided staff with the necessary tools and equipment to work from home. The system we have in place has allowed work to flow as normal. Calls once directed to a lively, bustling office are now directed to members of staff set up in the comfort of their own homes or socially distanced in our offices, all thanks to the brilliant leadership we have here at SAS. On top of this, they worked to identify the negative impacts working from home had from all across the country as a result of the lockdown measures in place, such as a decrease in mental health, fatigue, fitness, diet and much more.

To combat this; we’ve had daily catch-ups within our departments and company-wide weekly quizzes on Zoom that each department has to take turns hosting. We found that catching up regularly boosts morale and combats the feeling of isolation that lockdown has created for a lot of people. We’ve also had Webinars discussing health and lifestyle hosted by rugby league legend Jamie Peacock, and also a newly introduced flexible working week.

SAS introduced the flexible working week option to help accommodate individual needs and preferences during this ever changing period of time. We recognised that by giving staff the option to adapt their hours they could find a better work/life balance by starting later in the day, or even in some cases having an extended weekend by working more hours during the week. As a result of this, SAS have been able to extend our opening hours to give our customers and their staff a wider window for them to call and speak to us on the phone.

“Having the ability to work from home and remotely has a huge positive impact on my work/life balance. It allows flexibility for parents like myself so that I can keep a work life balance with my children and enjoy the best of both, due to the understanding given. It not only gave me a sense of relief and peace of mind but allows me to enjoy my job even more due to not stressing about childcare issues or before corona the school run”.

“I have worked at SAS for several years and have to say that I have never worked anywhere as supportive and understanding as they are here. They really do go out of their way to ensure that you are well in yourself, that your family is well and offer support where ever they can. The flexible working environment is not only beneficial for my colleagues and myself, but it also means that in times like these we can remain open for longer hours to better meet the needs of our customers. It is truly a privilege to work for SAS”.

Supporting staff is at the forefront of everything we do, as we recognise that your mental health & wellbeing need to come before work. In uncertain times like these, its key to adapt as a company and take everything into consideration and continue showing the highest level of support as we do.