SAS Wellbeing Helps School Staff in 9 Stone Weight Loss Journey

We have received some fantastic feedback from one of our staff absence insurance clients this afternoon about how SAS Wellbeing Services have been making a difference for one of their members of staff:

“I just wanted to share with you the amazing achievement of one of our staff members.  Last Summer, Jane one of our Lunchtime Supervisors signed up to the SAS Weight Loss Programme and joined a local Slimming World Group.  She has done absolutely amazingly and to date has lost an incredible 9 Stone and is determined to loose even more!  She shares her weight loss journey with her friends and loves the encouragement she deservingly receives, we are all so very proud of her.”

We have shared Jane’s story internally today and we are all amazed at what a massive impact our weight loss programme has had on her life. She has blown us away by her dedication to losing weight and improving her overall health and wellbeing. Such an inspiring story and we look forward to hearing new updates about Jane’s weight loss journey in the future.

Everyone here at SAS is incredibly inspired by your story and proud of you Jane! Well done!

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