SAS Welcomes New Leadwell Director Paul Crittenden

SAS Welcomes New Leadwell Director Paul Crittenden

Paul has joined the SAS team to head up our exciting new Lead Well services for Head Teachers and School Business Managers. Paul has a strong track record of helping leaders thrive in pressurised environments, and has achieved great results with school leaders during the last twelve years, developing leadership practices and philosophies that help people succeed – and stay well.

He has been a leadership coach and transformation specialist for fifteen years, and has worked in the voluntary, private and public sectors in the UK, Europe, Scandinavia, Kazakhstan, the USA and Mexico. Paul is thrilled to be heading up this important new development and is looking forward to helping you get ahead of the game, and stay well.

Paul says…” I am committed to making sure our Lead Well service provides a new and exciting opportunity for school leaders to thrive despite the maelstrom of pressures and conflicting priorities that surrounds them on a daily basis. I know that together we can demonstrate that a healthier, more enjoyable and ultimately more sustainable way to lead is both possible and beneficial.”

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