SAS Weight Management Month

Each month, we celebrate the wellbeing services that we provide and the impact it has on school staff and pupils across the country. We are also working to raise awareness and start conversations in an effort to help encourage people to seek support and also raise awareness about statistics relating to that wellbeing service.

The focus this month is on Weight Management Support

In a recent study, an average of 45% of people have been keeping active at home, whether that be with online exercise classes or just dancing around the living room. We have recently launched the SAS Gym app, which gives users access to effective work outs with clear, step by step instructions that you can utilise in the comfort of your own home or as part of a gym routine. Users can also create their own work out plans, take part in monthly gym challenges and link to other health apps to make it easier to track workouts with a smart watch or fitness tracker.

Although new habits have formed since lockdown, according to a survey carried out in April 2020, it was found that 40% of Brits reported that they were eating more since the coronavirus lock down started, while 20 percent overall said they were eating healthier than before.  We’re looking to help improve this figure with our new wellbeing support, as both mental and physical health have been scientifically proven to go hand in hand. This is why we have made it easier for staff covered by SAS staff absence insurance policies to get access to personalised nutritional advice as well as fitness advice from our own fitness experts via our Ask Ed expert support. Ed and Valusska offer staff specific support and advice, building plans to help them achieve their goals. This enables your school to help staff save money out of taxed income by offering personal trainer support, leaving your staff feeling supported and assists in attracting new staff to available roles in your school.

SAS are also able to offer weight loss support in the form of Slimming World support to staff with a BMI over 30. As a matter of fact, 61.1% of people who complete our 12 week Slimming World referral achieve a 5% weight loss.

You can learn more about the SAS Gym app and how to access Ask Ed Fitness & Nutrition Support by clicking here.

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