SAS Thrive Mindfulness Support Month

For the Month of April we are celebrating Thrive, CBT and relaxation therapies, included for ALL staff at schools insured with SAS staff absence insurance.


As part of our comprehensive wellbeing support, the Thrive App is available to all staff at your school, not just those named on your policy. We also offer a pupil version of the app which is available for use to support relaxation and meditation techniques in the classroom and is suitable for children 11+

Thrive is a powerful prevention tool now recognised by the NHS and has over 1,000,000 users who can access the level of support they need when it suits them and take day to day action to manage their mental health.

Thrive for Staff and the new Pupil Thrive both contain lots of different features designed to help mental health and help reduce anxiety and stress:

  • CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) programme
  • Over 100+ hours of content including a range of stress reducing sessions ideal to listen to as part of group meditation.
  • Games to distract your mind.
  • A progress journal tracking your moods, stressors and reminding you of the good days!

Thrive uses games to track your mood and teach you methods to take control of stress and anxiety. Learn relaxation techniques like meditation and deep-breathing to help you cope better with stressful situations and manage negative thoughts.

The app’s Mood Meter lets you track your mood, the emotions you feel and the situation you were in at the time. It then reminds you of how you reacted on a previous occasion to make your feel better.

The Thrive App is included in SAS Policies as standard and can be accessed by clicking the links below. Alternatively,  If you have any questions regarding the Thrive App please contact your account manager for more information. You can also reach the team by emailing sales@uk-sas.co.uk or calling 01773 814400.

Click here to access the school staff sign up form

Click here to access the classroom sign up form