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SAS Pupil Wellbeing Month

Each month, we celebrate the wellbeing services provided by our nurses and the impact it has on school staff around the country. We are also working to raise awareness and start conversations about personal wellbeing in an effort to help encourage staff to seek support but to also raise awareness about statistics relating to that wellbeing service.

This month we are celebrating pupil wellbeing services that we provide as part of our service. Services included within the pupil wellbeing support available with SAS policies is is Be A Champion, Mable, and My SEND App. We can also provide quotations for Pupil Yoga and Pupil Counselling if requested.

Be A Champion is an 8-week app-based programme that encourages pupils to change bad habits and focus on the 4 pillars of wellbeing: Mindset, Sleeping Patterns, Eating Habits and Physical Activity. Pupils make daily submissions for each pillar; what food they’ve ate, what physical activity they’ve done, how much sleep they’ve had and positive mindset activities they’ve completed through the week.

Teachers validate pupil submissions, can track pupil progress and the system allocates points to the pupils account. At the end of the programme pupils are rewarded with prizes:

Mable is an award-winning Speech and Language Therapy programme which is based on unique needs of the individual student. The programme pairs an experienced therapist to a pupil for one-on-one weekly therapy sessions, incorporating games within learning. Mable supports students who have difficulties with Developmental Language Disorder, Autism and social communication difficulties, Hearing Impairment, communication difficulties associated with SEMH, Speech sound delays and disorders, fluency and stammering.

“Using Mable has been brilliant for supporting our pupils with speech, language and communication needs. Thanks to their innovative technology, the tasks are engaging, and the children always want to return the following week! Children love it, staff love and even the parents share great feedback too!”

My SEND App is a bespoke app building platform that provides the ability to build apps specifically for a person with special needs and disabilities.  You can add tailored information such as maps, timetables, visual instructions, communication tools, an outlet for expressing feeling and reward tracking. With the app being fully customisable you can create it around the person, providing them with the best support, specifically for them. Your app is yours and completely private, with the ability to only share the app with people you choose.

If your school uses SAS staff absence insurance and you would like to utilise pupil wellbeing services, please have your policy administrator contact the pupil wellbeing team Monday – Friday 8:30 – 4:30 on 01773 851 043.

Follow our social pages for more statistics and information about SAS Pupil Wellbeing Month.

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