SAS Mindfulness Support Month


We are Celebrating Mindfulness Support Month!

As part of our comprehensive Whole School Wellbeing service we offer a range of complimentary Mindfulness services for school staff.

We understand that uncertain times like these cause additional stress and anxieties to many people. We would like to remind staff covered by our policies they have access to a range of services designed to help improve wellbeing in staff and coming soon for students.

Thrive with SAS

Thrive is a powerful prevention tool now recognised by the NHS and now have over 1,000,000 users who can access the level of support they need when it suits them and take day to day action to manage their mental health.

Be Mindful

The only NHS approved mindfulness programme for schools. Over a four week programme, it will help instil coping strategies for stress and anxiety for the user.

All staff at schools that use SAS staff absence insurance can register for Thrive & Be Mindful by clicking here. 

Additional one-to-one advice is available with our Ask June service, which we have added to our wellbeing services this month. You can learn more about Ask June by clicking the image below.

“Whole School Wellbeing is at the heart of everything we do here at SAS and offering only the highest quality support is what drives us to provide new and innovative ways of supporting school staff. This year has brought a lot of uncertainty and challenging situations, and in an effort to help all school staff thrive, we are pleased to have made this service available at no additional cost for all SAS staff absence insurance clients.” – John Brady, SAS Director

For more information about Mindfulness Support and other SAS  Whole School Wellbeing services, please click here to visit our website.

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