SAS Gym Month

For the month of April we are celebrating SAS Gym! As part of our comprehensive whole school wellbeing services, we offer SAS Gym to insured schools.

SAS GYM is an app that provides users with the ability to access a range of exercise programmes, developed by our in-house personal trainers, while monitoring progress towards fitness goals. SAS GYM helps its users to improve their overall health and bioage.

SAS GYM is available for ALL STAFF at schools insured by SAS staff absence insurance and is available nationwide. Within the app you will find:

  • Range of step by step instructional exercise programmes developed to suit a range of abilities
  • Links to health apps and wearables to record progress towards fitness goals
  • Special offers on nutritional supplements, equipment & much more
  • Take part in monthly SAS GYM challenges

Join SAS Gym for live group sessions every Wednesday & Thursday at 5pm. SAS Personal Trainers Ed & Valusska will take staff insured on our policies through a full body workout suitable for all levels of fitness & abilities.



SAS GYM is included in SAS Policies as standard and can be accessed by clicking the links below. Alternatively,  If you have any questions regarding SAS GYM please contact Personal Trainer Ed for more information at asked@uk-sas.co.uk or phone us on 01773 814400.



Click here to download from Apple App Store

Click here to download from Google Play Store