SAS GYM Case Study

We love getting feedback from our wellbeing support clients. Recently, one of our SAS Gym clients gave us some amazing feedback about how the gym programme has motivated her to maintain her new healthy lifestyle and how her progress has also inspired her colleagues to get fit. Not only that, but our client used her reward points to buy gifts for some of her school community. What an amazing story!

“My name is L, a 47 year old, pre-covid unfit single mother, and new fitness freak! During lockdown, like many other people, I began to laze around and watch a lot of box sets. I started doing the couch to 5k! (which took me longer than it should) and at the end I was managing to run for 25 ish minutes. I couldn’t even run for 30 seconds without getting out of puff at the start! I managed to lose 3 stones in the process and felt much better in myself and much healthier.

I found the SAS app when sent some emails from work about well-being and I clicked on a link. I was really impressed with the way that the more I exercised the more points I got and then I would be rewarded for staying healthy. I found that the goals it sets and the levels (I’m now at platinum) really motivated me to run every day. Last month I ran 5k every day and at the weekends 10k. I recently starting to compete in races and I’ve found that I’m actually quite good at it (who knew?)

I have told all of my colleagues about the app and at least half of the school staff are now exercising regularly and we are much fitter as a team because of it.

The vouchers that I have earned through my exercising have so far been spent on Christmas presents for my class (Amazon) and next vouchers for my TA’s for Christmas.  As a single mum, I struggle for money so this app has not only made me fitter, it has helped me to prepare for the festivities. If ever I don’t feel like going for a run, I think about the app and I’m putting my trainers on!

Thank you for a fantastic idea.”

SAS Gym is complimentary for all staff at schools insured by SAS staff absence insurance. To learn more about SAS Gym and support with our personal trainers through our Ask Ed service click here or alternatively email our personal trainers on asked@uk-sas.co.uk.