SAS Group Buy Scheme

Group budget protection for Staff Absence and Wellbeing Services

SAS provides a Group Buy Scheme (GBS) as an alternative to the traditional absence insurance cover available on the market.
The GBS is designed specifically for groups of schools within the same Trust, Local Authority or Diocese, looking to purchase collaboratively. Schools pool their funds together into a single account for payment of absences on agreed terms.

The GBS combines the best features of other market alternatives along with exclusive GBS benefits:

Guaranteed fixed
prices for 3 years
including ongoing

Return of surplus
funds to group members

Pre-existing conditions
included as standard

Reduced Admin
No GP contact
required for absence

arrangements are
protected by
the FCA

Full flexibility on
service options
e.g choice of waiting
days, daily amounts etc.

arrangements are
underwritten by AA+
rated insurer

reimbursements paid
to Schools every

School wellbeing
support services

As industry experts, with over 20 years’ experience, SAS have developed the GBS service as an alternative solution for school absence management.

Our research has shown more School and Academy groups are considering self-funding arrangements due to budget restraints. This option, however, does come with its financial risks as staff costs often make up the majority of the schools’ budget. The GBS solution will protect your school’s budget against absence costs; whilst also providing wellbeing support to staff and having the added benefit of surplus funds being returned.

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