SAS Counselling Support Month

Each month, we celebrate the wellbeing services that we provide and the impact it has on school staff and pupils across the country. We are also working to raise awareness and start conversations in an effort to help encourage people to seek support and also raise awareness about statistics relating to that wellbeing service.

The focus this month is on Counselling Support

Our research informs us that stress accounts for approximately 31% of absence within schools and academies. In an effort to improve this statistic, SAS offer solution focussed therapy sessions to named staff. At some point in our lives, all of us will experience a mental health issue. SAS work to help empower staff and school leadership to be proactive about mental health support and concerns.

We provide private and confidential counselling sessions to staff covered by our policies at no additional cost to the staff or school. Sessions can be requested through our app or by contacting our wellbeing team on 01773 814 403.

We also provide our Ask Rebecca service, which is a hub of resources about counselling and mental health resources to help support your queries. If you have a specific query about your mental health or that of how to support your staff, please contact Rebecca for support.

To learn more about the Ask Rebecca service please click here and to download our SAS Wellbeing app please click here

If you would like to speak to a member of our team about accessing counselling support, please call 01773 814 403. SAS also offer alternative proactive support methods for mental health. Contact SAS for more information.

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