SAS Ask Rebecca Counselling Support Month

For the month of October we are celebrating SAS Ask Rebecca Counselling Support, complimentary with SAS staff absence insurance! As part of our comprehensive whole school wellbeing services, we offer Counselling support to insured schools.

Ask Rebecca is part of the Whole School Wellbeing Support complimentary with SAS staff absence insurance. Rebecca is here to support individual school staff with queries about their health and signposting to services available to them. Rebecca can also offer guidance to school leaders with ways to identify staff who may be in need of support, how to approach them, and to better understand ways of promoting an improved wellbeing culture within the workplace.

Rebecca holds a degree in Counselling and a Masters degree in Clinical Psychology. She is passionate about raising the profile of emotional wellbeing issues and making mental health information and support more accessible to everyone. Rebecca specialises in:


  • Stress and Anxiety Management
  • Domestic Abuse
  • Depression and Mood Disorders

“Staff member stated that their counsellor is amazing and has made them feel so much better. They are feeling more and more confident each session”

Feedback from school regarding Counselling Service

SAS carry out on average over 240 sessions of counselling per week. Our research informs us that stress accounts for approximately 31% of absence within schools and academies. In an effort to improve this statistic, SAS offer solution focused therapy sessions to named staff.

If you have any questions regarding Ask Rebecca Counselling Support, please contact Ask Rebecca for more information at nurse@uk-sas.co.uk or phone us on 01773 814403.