SAS Ask Mandy Nurse Support Month

For the month of August, we are celebrating the Ask Mandy Nurse Support Service with SAS! As part of our comprehensive staff wellbeing services, we offer Ask Mandy Nurse Support to those insured on SAS staff absence insurance policies.


Mandy is a registered nurse, with a special interest in palliative care. She has had experience working for the NHS for over 20 years. For over 10 years, Mandy has been a vital line of support to schools, working with SAS and supporting staff wellbeing queries. Mandy is an NMC registered Nurse that will support any query regarding your health. She also has the following qualifications:
• Community Practitioner – Nurse Prescriber
• Specialist Practitioner – District Nursing
• Registered Nurse

Staff can speak to Mandy about their individual health concerns and where possible she will refer them to SAS wellbeing support for treatment. Mandy aims to support any query regarding your health; this can include questions about counselling, chronic illness treatment options, menopause and more.
COVID Case Study – The SAS Wellbeing team was contacted in May 2020 by a female PE Teacher in her 30’s who was diagnosed with COVID-19 in March 2020. In-house nurse Mandy supported, listened and offered her with general advice with regards to what she could do to not overexert herself and slowly resume normal activity.

Click here to read our long covid case study to see how our nursing team go above and beyond to make sure all aspects of a persons wellbeing are proactively cared for.

Ask Mandy nurse support service is available staff named on SAS policies and can be accessed by getting in touch with us at nurse@uk-sas.co.uk Alternatively, if you have any questions regarding SAS staff absence insurance policies or the Ask Mandy nurse support service, please contact us on 01773 814400.