SAS Ask Andy School Leadership Support Month

For the month of March, we are celebrating the SAS Ask Andy School Leadership Support Month! As part of our comprehensive Whole School Wellbeing service, we offer the School Mental Health Award to insured schools.

In these uncertain times, the right guidance and support can go a long way in helping you and your school stay on the right track. As part of SAS services, former NAHT president and current SAS national wellbeing director is here to offer leadership coaching & guidance to insured school leadership.

Andy has over 30 years’ experience of teaching and leading in the state education system in England. From May 2018 to May 2019 Andy was the National President of the NAHT. He left headship in December 2019 to become National Director of Wellbeing for Schools Advisory Service, sharing the organisation’s vision for all schools to become wellbeing friendly for both staff and pupils.

Andy is on hand to support school leaders build a whole school wellbeing culture from scratch, building a wellbeing curriculum that raises standards and builds good mental health and wellbeing and supporting governors in giving a strategic lead to wellbeing. School leaders at schools insured with SAS can contact Andy for personalised queries.

As you may have seen already, Andy does a monthly blog about current events for school staff and leadership, and from the start of 2021, now has a guest wellbeing blog with contributions from a range of wellbeing experts. On the Ask Andy hub, Andy also shares health and wellbeing resources which are publicly available for schools to access.

Here is what some of our customers had to say about Andy’s support:

“Thank you so much for the time you gave me earlier. I found the discussion really supportive. I feel more empowered now to move forward, thank you for your guidance.”

–  Feedback from school staff about Ask Andy presentation

“I’ve just read your post to senior leaders about stress and the fact that we really need to switch off this half term and just wanted to say thank you. It is nice that someone has taken time out to try and ensure senior leaders have a break too.”

–  Feedback from school staff about Ask Andy blog Post

“This has really helped me tonight. It’s been a really tricky half term for a number of reasons but reading this tonight, has lifted me. Things have been particularly challenging!”

–  Feedback from school staff about Ask Andy blog posts

For more information or to access this support, you can contact Andy at askandy@uk-sas.co.uk.

Alternatively, contact SAS at 01773 814 400.