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Right Coach

Cognitive Behaviour Coaching

“This is just how I am.”

“This is just how I work.”

“This is just how the job is.”

It’s not.

You really can do it differently.


1:1 Cognitive Behaviour Coaching (NOT therapy!) to create new behaviour skills & new thinking skills.

By working one to one with staff to create and sustain change specific to them, staff are more effective, less stressed and happier.

More effective at what?

  • Managing themselves
  • Reducing and managing stress
  • Being assertive
  • Having difficult conversations
  • Saying no
  • Prioritising
  • Delegating
  • Stopping work
  • Developing a work life balance that actually works

And as a result of tackling issues like these, staff say they:

  • Feel less stressed
  • Feel less anxious
  • Feel less guilty
  • Spend less time worrying
  • Think about work less
  • Are less likely to take things personally
  • Have a better view of themselves
  • Are more aware of their own strengths
  • Enjoy life more
  • Feel more confident

Sceptical? You’re not the only one!

As one Assistant Head put it:

“I was a little sceptical that coaching was not going to be for me. I was too busy, and it wasn’t going to tell me anything I didn’t know. Actually, I found I was too busy not to. I found the sessions enabled me to consider how I might adapt my thinking to make my work and my life easier.”

Evidence based coaching that works!

This service is available Nationwide. National Wellbeing Partnership offer

Want to see for yourself?

Get in touch for a free cognitive behaviour coaching session quoting “National Wellbeing Partnership”. I work 1:1 in person, on the telephone (sounds weird, but isn’t!) and of course on Zoom.

Staff meeting me, hearing about cognitive behaviour coaching and what it can do for them is a great way to engage individuals in the process. I’d be delighted to come and meet your team, just get in touch quoting “National Wellbeing Partnership”.

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