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Purposeful Educators

Personal Development Programmes

Purposeful Educators provides personal development programmes and coaching for educators. You are likely to have access to professional development but we know that teachers are longing for the time and space to look within and remember their strengths, what matters most and the impact they are longing for.

We know that a sense of purpose mitigates stress, is an essential guidepost in times of uncertainty, is a cornerstone for articulating growth and enhances wellbeing. People who have a clear sense of purpose that they are able to express, have longer and healthier lives.

Creating conditions where educators can ignite their individual purpose also enhances the performance of organisations. It’s a proven way of enhancing engagement, commitment and diversity of thinking. It is a proven way of retaining and growing the best people.

Purposeful Educators, previously Education Connected, was founded in 2016 by Naomi Ward. Naomi was an English teacher for 14 years before re-training to be a Coach and Facilitator. She is accredited by the Co-active Training Institute and the International Coaches Federation.

Our services comprise:
Purposeful Educators
A six-week on-line personal development programme:
– Clarify and commit to your values
– Explore your ikigai model: your ‘reason for being.’
– Understanding and managing the voice of criticism and judgement
– An Introduction to self-compassion
– Your 1:1 coaching and a guest speaker
– Articulate and claim your purpose.
Also available as an in-school option.

Purposeful Coaches
An ICF accredited six-month on-line coaching training programme for educators. Inspired by Purposeful Educators, we train you in the coaching principles, presence and tools that will enable you to draw the best out in others.
Also available as an in-school option.
1:1 Coaching
We offer coaching on-demand. In other words, you don’t have to commit to an extensive programme. If you want a boost before an interview, support with your wellbeing or clarity with your vision, book a coach when you need one.

Staying true to your purpose is fuelled by our membership programme. Join us in order to access our events, peer-coaching network, library of wellbeing resources and community support.

What people say
Aside from the fact that the content and coaching is sublime, the point of difference to other learning programmes is the genuine community you become part of. The relationships I have developed through Purposeful Educators give me oxygen. Amy Carson, Head of Faculty.

Online training available Nationwide.

10% off group programmes and 1:1 coaching.
One month free membership for SAS clients.

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