Promoting Wellbeing: An Evaluation Tool

Promoting a Culture of Wellbeing in Schools and Trusts
School leaders and governing boards have significant responsibilities to support the wellbeing of those employed in their schools and trusts, including their work-life balance.
We’ve worked with National Governance Association (NGA) to create a wellbeing evaluation tool. The tool focuses on the wellbeing of school leaders, their self-care and how this is modelled throughout the school/trust.

It is important for those governing and leading schools and trusts to understand the legal requirements with which they must comply. However, it is much more important to look beyond this and to reflect on the culture of wellbeing that exists in the school or trust. The evaluation tool invites participants to reflect on the approach taken towards staff wellbeing at board and operational level in their school or trust.

Andy Mellor, National Wellbeing Director Schools Advisory Service said:

“Governors play a vital role in setting the tone for whole school wellbeing and supporting the leadership of the school to ensure that staff are productive and well at work. This new resource, carefully constructed to be co-collaborative and developmental supports governors in ensuring their CEO/ headteacher has their wellbeing needs met, helps to set the tone for wellbeing across the school and gives governors the tools to evaluate the effectiveness of wellbeing in the school. It has been an absolute pleasure working with the NGA, who are committed to the wellbeing agenda, to create a tool which has the capacity to raise the profile and the effectiveness of whole school wellbeing.”

Click here to access the evaluation tool.