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Professional Coaching

Professional Coaching; the future of proactive self-care for school staff

Ongoing investment in our emotional wellbeing is an extremely effective way to reduce workplace stress which otherwise could lead to anxiety, depression and burn out. We know that school staff have remained on the frontline and adapted to so many changes in recent times, over time this can take its toll. Our professional coaching service offers a pro-active approach to the wellbeing of staff with additional responsibilities, such as:

· Mental Health Lead

· Pastoral roles

· Safeguarding Lead

· SLT roles

· TLR’s

· ELSA support

· One to One support roles

The service offers allocation to your own professional coach who will stay with you during the academic year and offer a ninety minute online coaching session on a half termly basis.

The focus of the coaching sessions will vary depending on how you wish to use them. Anything that will contribute to your personal or professional development can be worked on in this time. They can be used simply as a place to talk and reflect, or in a more focused and goal centered way.

The process of coaching is supportive and inspiring. It will encourage you to consider things from other perspectives and help you to navigate any difficulties which are preventing you from achieving personal or professional balance, development or fulfilment. The content of your sessions is purely for you, sessions are confidential and stay between you and your coach

Here are some examples of what coaching sessions can be used for:

· Developing self-care skills

· Stress management

· Professional development

· Reflective practice

· Safeguarding

· Managing staff

· Time management

· Coping with conflict

· Confidence in the workplace

· Reflective practice

· Problem solving

If you have an active policy with SAS or NAHT Wellness and Protect, please contact your account manager for more information about this service.