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SAS can offer your school more than just staff absence insurance. We also offer insurance cover for:

• School Offsite Activities
• Minibuses
• Cyber Insurance

Benefits of Offsite Activities Insurance:

  • Worldwide Cover
  • Cover for activities organised by the school outside of your boundaries (includes medical expenses abroad & personal liability)
  • Winter sports cover and some ‘hazardous’ activities
  • This cover applies to students, staff, Governors and any other accompanying adult authorised to undertake a journey on the school’s behalf
  • Cover for staff appraising potential venues, courses and conferences
  • 24-hour international emergency assistance

Benefits of Mini Bus Insurance:

  • Low entry excess as standard
  • Auto renewal – peace of mind that cover will always remain in place
  • Fleet policies available
  • Any driver/comprehensive cover
  • Flexible age ranges

Benefits of Cyber Insurance:

  • Also known as cyber liability insurance or data protection insurance.
  • Protection against cyber crime (things like fraud, data theft and social engineering, where criminals attempt to fool you into parting with money, information or both).
  • Covers data breaches where sensitive information is accidentally shared.
  • In the event your business falls victim to a cyber attack or hack, the policy will pay for IT costs to remove and/or re-build systems.
  • If there is a media issue for data breaches, a PR expert will act on behalf of clients.

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