Origami Frog

Step by step instructions for this origami frog. Our creator recommends using a coloured or patterned piece of paper. Start with a Standard A4 size piece of paper

1. Fold paper in half





2. Fold the left and right corner down to make triangles one side at a time and then unfold it, creating a folded x




3. Push the sides inwards on each side where you have just folded like this





4. This creates a triangle at the top of the folded area





5. Fold the bottom corners of the triangle up and towards the point at the top to create the front legs of the frog




6. Fold the bottom up to the underside of the triangle at the top and fold the left and right side inwards, meeting in the middle.




7. Fold the bottom side up to the middle up to the front legs





8. Fold both corners down to meet the middle of the bottom of the fold you have just made





9. Unfold all done from and including step 6.

10. Grab opposite sides and pull out to create a boat shape.




11. Fold both sides of the boat you have just created from the middle downwards to create legs.





12. Turn your origami upside down and press down with the tip of your finger on the frogs bottom to make it jump.