New to SAS – Pupils Thrive

Earlier this year, SAS added Thrive to our staff wellbeing support service. Thrive is a powerful prevention tool, recognised by the NHS, with over 1 million users accessing support day to day to manage their mental health. This service was made available to staff at schools insured by SAS at the start of the COVID-19 lockdown and has proven a very popular service. Thrive has helped staff considerably since its launch, with recent data has showing that over 70% of those using the app with SAS and experiencing mild to severe depression show signs of improved mental health. We have received fantastic reviews from school staff, particularly over the summer months, for how thrive has helped give them the tools to better understand their emotions and to take back control of anxieties that were spiralling out of control.

SAS are pleased to announce that we have further extended our wellbeing this year to include Pupils Thrive, which is suitable for children aged 12+. This service has been made available to schools that access SAS wellbeing through our staff absence insurance at no cost to use within a classroom setting.

What is in the app?

  • CBT (Congitive Behavioural Therapy) programme

  • Over 100+ hours of content including a range of stress reducing sessions ideal to listen to as part of group meditation

  • Games to distract your mind – try our ‘Wise Words’ game (It’s harder than you think!)

  • A progress journal tracking your moods, stressors and reminding you of the good days!

2020 has been a trying year, and SAS are proud to continue our mission to make a difference in education by continuing to adapt our wellbeing services to ensure that a range of effective services are made available quickly. Our comprehensive Whole School Wellbeing Support is available as standard with SAS policies. To learn more about Pupils Thrive, please contact your account manager or alternatively click here.