New to SAS Feeling Good Staff App & Secondary School Programme

SAS are pleased to announce two further additions to our comprehensive whole school wellbeing support for 2021/22. From April 2021, the NHS approved Feeling Good audio app and the Feeling Good For Schools Programme are available with SAS policies.

Developed and tested in the NHS, the Feeling Good App is now used for staff wellbeing and stress management across many workplaces including the NHS. The Feeling Good App has NHS digital app approval – a sign of its efficacy, safety and data security. The app is also a Winner of the prestigious 2019 Herald Higher Education award.

‘Feeling Good For Schools’ is a series of 2 six week wellbeing/resilience programmes for KS3 pupils that takes a non-stigmatising approach to positive mental health. What makes it different from other wellbeing programmes is that it is based on repeated, daily listening to short audio tracks to build key skills for coping and resilience. The tracks have been developed by Foundation for Mental Health GP and Psychologist MDs from our NHS-approved adult versions of similar tracks that form a mental health recovery programme using sports psychology (visualisation; learning and practising strategies).

Health Psychologist and Psychotherapist Sheila Ross of the Foundation for Positive Mental Health said of the partnership “The Foundation for Positive Mental Health (FPMH) is delighted to partner with the Schools Advisory Service to bring you Feeling Good for Schools, an independently evaluated programme for whole school wellness, focusing on KS3. With SAS support and endorsement schools can benefit from extra savings, and feel confident that they are making the right choice for their schools, staff and pupils. FPMH is a charity dedicated to promoting positive mental health, for everyday wellbeing, through skills acquisition, many of which come from sports coaching. Everyone can benefit from building resilience, like they do from brushing their teeth”

Andy Mellor, National Wellbeing Director of SAS said “Schools Advisory Service have proved time and again that not only do we talk about improving mental health and wellbeing, we find and provide our schools with resources that support mental health and wellbeing as part of their policies with us. I’m delighted that The Foundation for Positive Mental Health are the latest organisation to join with us to support our schools with their Feeling Good app which we are making FREE to schools with SAS policies. This is just the latest in a long line of free resources designed to support our schools in keeping their staff healthy and fulfilled in the work and home life.”

The Feeling Good staff app is available for all staff at schools insured with SAS staff absence insurance policies, including those not named on the policy. The Feeling Good For Schools Programme is available at no cost until the start of the summer holidays. From the start of the summer holidays, SAS will cover a portion of the cost of the programme.

To learn more or sign up for the Feeling Good school staff app, please click here. Please share this link with staff at your school that you feel may also be interested in accessing this support.
To learn more or register your school for the Feeling Good For Schools Programme, please click here. Please note: this is aimed at KS3+ aged pupils.