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New Routes

New routes Limited, Supporting Leaders to Lead

Provider of 1-1 and group supervision, peer supervision training, counselling, CBT & Psychotherapy for school staff with a focus on SLT and Head Teacher well-being support

New Routes Ltd has been a specialist provider of mental health, well-being and leadership support to schools, with a particular focus on intervention support for Head teachers and senior leadership teams for over 6 years.

A certified and registered counsellor and psychotherapist (accredited), Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), executive coach and supervisor with senior leadership experience in both the statutory and charity sector, a DSL and nationally trained negotiator.

Working with associates for sustainability to provide a timely, bespoke offer to meet school needs with delivery of sessions ordinarily within 5 working days. The Company holds repeat contracts with primary, secondary and further education.


  • BSc (Hons) Counselling Psychotherapy
  • Level 5 CBT
  • Advanced diploma Clinical Supervision
  • IAPT training CPD supervision of CYP MH practitioners (GMMH)
  • Level 7 Solution focused executive coaching
  • Negotiation & critical incidents
  • Designated Safeguarding Lead
  • BACP peer supervision trainer

Service offer

  • Supervision 1-1 (virtual and face to face)
  • Group supervision
  • Annual supervision support package for Head teacher & SLT
  • Peer supervision training & implementation
  • Counselling
  • Psychotherapy
  • CBT
  • Leadership Coaching
  • Training

Feedback from Head Teachers (2021)

Pauline’s great inner strength and life experience give a deep sense of trust and therefore a real freedom to be very self-evaluative and share thoughts, feelings and fears.

The ability to self-evaluate and to be encouraged (forced J) to talk through and be expertly guided to identify and to see a way through difficult problems has been an important part of my development as a Senior Leader and Headteacher

Pauline has allowed me to grow immensely as a headteacher. Her support from my earliest days and on through the pandemic has been invaluable. She has an uncanny ability to identify areas of need and tackle key issues. Sessions are challenging, thought provoking and at times uncomfortable but they always, without exception, lead to a greater sense of wellbeing and/or improvements in coping strategies. In addition to working with individuals Pauline has also helped set up a supervision network in school, which now benefits all staff.

Virtual provision allows for nationwide provision

SAS clients have access to 10% discount on annual supervision package

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