As an experienced therapist of some years I am passionate about mental health and well being. If we do not look after our own well being this can have detrimental effect on our level to cope in times of pressure, and when this pressure builds it turns to stress. Although stress is not a mental illness left unnoticed it can soon turn to depression etc.
The stress awareness sessions I deliver are designed to help you recognise stress not only in yourself but in others and learn how to be more resilient to combat anxiety.

I can teach many interventions that will help manage and overcome stress. I can show you how to use visualisation techniques to bring about relaxation for both mind and body and also overcome limiting beliefs we all have about ourselves from time to time.

I also deliver mindfulness workshops. This is an introduction workshop in which I teach the benefits of mindfulness and how to be mindful not only through meditation but in our every day lives.
We all live our lives like we sometimes drive our cars ‘waiting for the destination’ mindfulness teaches us to enjoy the journey and be present. When you are present and in the moment we cannot reflect on the past or worry about the future. Mindfulness really can reduce stress

The workshops are both interactive and enjoyable.”

June Brade – Mindfulness and Stress Awareness Therapist

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