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MeeToo Education

MentalHelp - Mee Too

MeeToo – Mental Help app for young people aged 11-25 yrs

MeeToo Connect – Mental Help app for teachers.

MeeTwo Education is a social enterprise with a mission to provide mental help at a global scale. Co CEO’s Suzi Godson, research psychologist and Times journalist and Dr Kerstyn Comely, EdTechexpert and free school founder, launched their flagship service, the MeeToo mental help app in 2017. Endorsed by the NHS, MeeToo is a free, safe and anonymous app, that enables young people to talk about difficult things and help themselves by helping each other. Beneath an engaging peer to peer social media feed, MeeToo integrates the latest psychological research into peer support and positive psychology. This promotes the development of protective factors such as emotional resilience, empathy and stress management and coping techniques. Fully moderated by humans, every post is checked before it goes live, keeping users safe and eliminating bullying, judgement or humiliation.

The COVID crisis has pushed many people working in the education sector to breaking point. In research conducted by MeeToo Education in October 2020, 93% of teachers said that their jobs had become more stressful and just 18% felt their mental health was being adequately supported by their school. In response to these findings, MeeToo Education has developed the MeeToo Connect app for teachers. It is suitable for staff from nursery to FE colleges.

The MeeToo Connect app gives teachers and support staff the tools to help themselves by helping each other. It allows them to ask questions, share problems and give advice to other teachers in a safe and confidential space.

MeeToo Connect is anonymous so teachers can be completely open and all content is checked by moderators before going live to keep users safe.

Research is an important aspect of MeeToo Education and they are currently collaborating on projects with The Anna Freud Centre at University College London, the Department of Data Informatics at Sussex University and the Centre for Population Health Sciences at Bristol University.

The app is able to support users all over the UK.

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