Meet Ed


Ed is a former PE teacher with 9 years’ experience, has been an active Personal Trainer for 16 years and has a Level 4 Diploma in Exercise and Nutrition. He is a qualified Instructor in a variety of Fitness based classes including: Spinning, Kettlebell, Pump FX, Circuits just to name a few.

“I feel that consistency is vital to remaining fit and healthy. To do this, finding activities you enjoy is key. This could be going for a bike ride with your family 2-3 times a week or going to a gym class after work with friends. Some of my clients like having a goal to aim for; running 5k, getting in shape for their forthcoming holiday or hitting a goal weight. I want to help people find the best way to enjoy improving their health. Fitting this around your work and family commitments isn’t easy but I believe there is always a way to make it work.

The same principles can be applied to the nutritional side of things. For example having a varied but structured dietary plan in the week but enjoying yourself with a meal out at the weekend is a good way of becoming healthier without it seeming like a chore. I have helped people keep on top of their dietary requirements ranging from national level athletes to people who simply want to have a healthier lifestyle. Every human is unique and deserves an approach that is personalised to their needs.”

To contact Ed for fitness and nutrition support with the SAS GYM app, please email AskEd@uk-sas.co.uk.