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Maternity Mondays

In partnership with CM Talent, SAS are pleased to offer all staff at schools insured with SAS access to free Maternity Monday webinars.


CM Talent are one of the National Wellbeing Partnership suppliers who offer services aimed at removing the gender barriers to professional success and strategically support the development of more women leaders, closing the gender pay gap. Click here to see the CM Talent National Wellbeing Partnership page. 

Our Family Care Leave support, provided by Schools Advisory Service, involves three, hour-long sessions:

pre-leave – attend during the half term before your maternity leave starts
during leave – attend during your maternity leave to prepare for your return to school
post-leave – attend following your return to work as a working parent.

The purpose of the support is to enable you to have smooth transitions throughout your period of leave, bridging the often conflicting demands of work and becoming a new parent whilst providing support to adjust to your new role as a parent (whether this is your first child, second or more).

This pre-leave session will focus on:

  • leaving well – your preparation for exiting your current role and starting your period of leave
  • keeping in touch – school communications during your leave and planning your Keeping in Touch days
  • getting ready – for your new family responsibilities – practically and emotionally
  • focusing on you – prioritising your wellbeing
  • thinking ahead to the future – planning your return to work and focusing on your longer term career aspirations.

This during leave session will focus on:

  • adjusting to your new parenting responsibilities
  • preparing for your return to work including making good use of Keeping in Touch days, organising suitable childcare and the importance of creating a support network around you as a working parent.

This post-leave session will focus on:

  • adjusting to life as a working parent (whether this is your first child, second or subsequent)
  • helping you and each family member to thrive and grow
  • thinking ahead to the future and focusing on your longer term career aspirations.

You’ll be joining peers from other schools preparing to go on maternity leave soon, with an opportunity to share experiences and aspirations in an informal, safe and confidential online space.

These webinars will be made available once per half term and will be available to book on our webinars page, which can be found by clicking here.